ImagineOptix Attends 2017 Game Development Conference

With the GPL technology ImagineOptix has been able to dramatically improve every VR experience through replacing the current viewing optics that are being used in every VR system today.

Current Problem

  • When looking through the current viewing lens you see two major problems.
    • The first problem you see are the Fresnel reset lines. When you look through the viewing lens you see a series of reset lines, which obstructs your view and greatly diminishes your experience.
    • The second problem you see is the color separation cause by the Chromatic aberrations. When looking through the lens you see some color separation throughout the image and blurriness towards the outer edges of the lens
  • IO Solution allows you to see a very clear image throughout the entire FOV.
    • IO solves these problems by using their GPL technology with a custom PCX to remove the Fresnel reset lines and correct for all aberrations. This allows for the user to see a perfectly clear image that extends throughout the entire FOV and enjoys the VR experience like was designed to be.

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