ImagineOptix To Showcase Unique Optics at SID Display Week 2020

ImagineOptix, the leading innovator in thin film optics, will display its latest technologies at SID’s Display Week 2020, June 9-11, 2020.

Some of the amazing technologies to be showcased:

  • SA-QW – a super achromatic wave retarder that provides the widest angular response (45 degrees AOI) in the industry from 410nm – 700nm.
  • Bragg Polarization Gratings for Augmented Reality – ImagineOptix has developed a new grating technology that has up to 90% coupling efficiency in and out of a waveguide at fields of view of greater than 60 degrees.
  • Geometric Phase Lens – Highly efficient, diffractive lenses that enable smaller, more compact optical system.

Please visit it us at our booth (#935) at the exhibition to see these cool optics and more!

Click here to get more information on the different ImagineOptix technology platforms.

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