Color Corrected Lens (CC-GPL)

What is a Color-Corrected GPL (CC-GPL)?

A Color Corrected Geometric Phase Lens (CC-GPL) is a GPL that has been corrected for color dispersion for three primary wavelengths.

How It Works

Using multiple GPLs and polarization management films, we can correct a GPL’s natural negative color dispersion.

For single polarization

Chromatic Correction

CC-GPL Summary

  • f/1 CC-GPL
  • Developing f/0.8 to f/0.5
  • Currently 4mm
  • Target < 1mm
  • Any prescription can be incorporated
  • Aspheric, spherical, freeform, etc.
  • Aberration correction
  • Up to 300mm x300mm
  • Scalable to larger sizes

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