Geometric Phase Lens

What is a Geometric Phase Lens?

A Geometric Phase Lens (GPL) is an LCP-based thin-film that functions like a volume lens or lens array, but with special features (polarization directed flat lens).

How It Works

The desired lens phase profile is encoded directly into the local orientation of the optical axis. Circularly polarized light takes on this phase profile directly through the geometric phase (also called the Pancharatnam-Berry phase) effect.

Technology Comparison

Traditional Lens ImagineOptix GPL
Thickness 5-6mm < 0.5mm
Weight 4-6g < 1g
Abberrations Multiple Abberration Free
Focus Primary Only Primary and Conjugate


Can you reduce the weight of my large optical elements?

Yes. Our optics are thin films that have very little weight. Even large size films are a fraction of the weight and thickness of traditional optical elements.
Yes. By using a combination of GPLs and CC-GPLs and potentially some standard lenses, you can correct aberrations, get rid of expensive optical materials and make the lens system shorter in length.
Yes. This would just be a custom GPL solution.
Yes. Because our films are flat, we can fabricate and laminate them together in a single monolithic component.
Yes. Our GPLs can be customized to add aberrations for correction.

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