Multi-Twist Retarders

What is a Multi-Twist Retarder?

Multi-Twist Retarders (MTRs) offer remarkably effective control of broadband polarization transformation. They provide bandwidths and general behavior that matches or exceeds all traditional approaches using multiple homogenous retarders. MTRs form the platform for ImagineOptix SA-QW – the highest performing super achromatic quarter wave plate in the world.

How It Works

MTRs use a self-aligning process on a single substrate to build up multiple layers of LC to create nearly arbitrary bandwidths and shapes. MTRs reduce fabrication cost and complexity, and enables higher precision and almost ideal performance predicted in theory.

Technology Comparison

Traditional Retarder ImagineOptix Retarder
Retardation Values ¼λ, ½λ ¼λ, ½λ, Fractional
Patterning None Multiple Domains (any pattern)
Color Filter None Chromatic
Wavelength Narrow, Achromatic Narrow, Achromatic, Super-Achromatic (400-4000nm)
Thickness 100µm-3mm 2-4 µm
Layers Multiple Layers/Plates 1-3 Layers of Films


Can you actually make an optical element that could act one way in one wavelength band, and act very differently at another wavelength band?

Yes. By tuning the different layers of the MTR design we can make a waveplate that has different retardances based on wavelength.
Yes. Our technology can be patterned such that different regions have different orientations. This patterning can be discreet or continuously varying depending on your requirements.

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