Polarization Gratings

What is a Polarization Grating?

A polarization grating (PG) is a “thin film prism” that combines the functions of a hyper efficient polarizer and a unique beam splitter into a thin film.

How It Works

PGs diffract incident light into two beams in the ± first orders (no higher order diffraction), with the output beams having opposite circular polarizations. The diffraction angle is determined by the design of the film. Polarized incident light diffracts completely into a single + or – order.

Line Art drawing of PG lens
Imagineoptix lens

Technology Comparison

Traditional Grating ImagineOptix PG
Thickness 100-200um 2-4um
Order Multiple Orders +/-1st Order Only
Spectrum Limited to Narrow Spectrum Can be tuned for Narrow or Broadband

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