Super Achromatic QWP (SA-QW)

What is an ImagineOptix SA-QW?

An ImagineOptix SA-QW is a Multi-Twist Retarder (MTR) designed for quarterwave operation over extremely wide angles and large bandwidths.

How It Works

ImagineOptix SA-QWs are simply Multi Twist Retarders that have been designed to keep quarter-wave performance over wide wavelength ranges and very large acceptance angles.

Wide Bandwidth


Wide Acceptance Angle



Does your super achromatic quarter wave retarder (SA-QWP) really out perform other polymer quarter waves?

Yes. Our standard SA-QW operates over 410nm – 700nm and from 0 to 45 degrees angle of incidence. Both the wavelength and AOI can be increased with a custom design.
Yes. They do operate like other zero order waveplates.

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