Super Achromatic QW (SA-QW) Technical Details


  • Transmittance: >99%
  • Thickness: 45um (with carrier film)
    • Bare film is ~5um
  • Visible Spectrum: 410nm – 700nm
  • AOI: Up to ±45°
  • Size: Up to 300 x 300mm sq
    • Round or arbitrary cut samples are custom
  • Patterning: Any lens/array shape possible
  • Larger custom sizes are available with additional NRE


ImagineOptix SA-QWs are unique quarter-wave retarders that give unheard of performance:

  • True Zero Order Super Achromatic Quarter Wave
  • Widest Angular Performance
  • Achromatic Over Very Large Wavelength Ranges
  • Wide Viewing Angle Retardation
  • Precision, Low-variation Retardation
  • Patterned Retardation (louvers or other patterns)
  • Customizable
    • Increased angular range with quarter-wave performance


Does your super achromatic quarter wave retarder (SA-QW) really out perform other polymer QWs?

Yes. Our standard SA-QW operates over 410nm – 700nm and from 0 to 45 angle of incidence. Both the wavelength and AOI can be increased with a custom design.
Yes. They do operate like other zero order retarders.

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