Vortex Patterned Retarder

What is a Vortex Patterned Retarder?

A Vortex Patterned Retarder (VPR) is a retarder component with a uniform retardancy, but a fast axis that rotates continuously around its center and can create polarization vortices. We provide high vortex performance at an affordable cost.

How It Works

Through our proprietary design methodologies, we can customize VPRs to achieve precise retardation at select wavelengths or select bands, with nearly any number of charges at a low cost of fabrication.

Graphic of VPR example
Image of a VPR optic mounted on glass sitting on table with light shining through it

Technology Comparison

Traditional VPR ImagineOptix VPR
Thickness 5-6mm < 0.5mm
Weight 4-6g < 1g
Aberrations Multiple Aberrations Aberration Free
Lens Type Primary Focus Only Any Lens Type or Profile


What charges are possible for your vortex retarders?

We can easily implement any charge from 2 to 32.

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